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So I don't know if its been this holiday break that my kids are on, or if its just me and I'm really relaxed and want to decorate my bedroom and change some things up a bit. I love the shabby chic look, I always have. In fact, I bought my bedroom set based upon the fact that it has this romantic old world feel to it.

Something about feeling like I'm living in a castle within my own house in my own room. That really gets me going. Lol 🙂

Shabby chic bedding, shabby chic bedroom ideas is one DIY that I am always researching and looking up, sort of becoming a habit to me. I would love to have my whole house shabby chic, but I have a husband that is really into style himself and it's been a bit of a struggle, to say the least. However, I am still working on it and soon the whole house will be just like I want it, each day a little at a time, room by room is my goal.

I love the idea of affordable shabby chic furniture and vintage shabby chic bedrooms. Which took me a little bit by surprise since I never thought I would be spending a lot of time looking into how to decorate. See I'm not that great when it comes to decorating, so to find myself really liking it is really quite cool!

Check out my Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom and how I spruced it up a bit. I ended up getting some new simply shabby chic bedding with some shabby chic shams. I added a nice little shabby chic picture frame with a picture of my boys on top of some books.

Next, since the walls of my room are a light warm green,  I added two cute fake pink flowers on each night stand. I'm actually in the process of now of looking for some vintage shabby chic lamps to go with each nightstand too, one for my husband side and one for me.

These are some I found on amazon, but have not bought yet.

Set of 2 Table Lamps in Bronze and Silver FinishSet of 2 Table Lamps in Bronze and Silver FinishBohemian Clear Stacked Glass Table LampBohemian Clear Stacked Glass Table LampBeautiful and Attractive Jeweled Blossoms Champagne Glass and Metal 24-inch Table LampBeautiful and Attractive Jeweled Blossoms Champagne Glass and Metal 24-inch Table Lamp


The bedding that I bought from target and the green throw from Bad bath and beyond a few years back. I even went and got this cute little desk from a vintage store today to go with my room. More on that to come in the future once I finish the whole room.


shabby chic desk

photo/adjectives market Central Florida

I also put this clock on amazon on my wish list along with these wooden hooks to put my husband and I jackets on maybe. Maybe I'll look into those lamps too on amazon.

What do you think?