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Tonight I was super hungry and I was really craving some sort of pasta sauce with meatballs. I love making homemade meatballs myself, but tonight I was just being lazy and did not want to make my own meatballs. So I thought why not just go out and by some meatballs to make and see if the kids like them.

The only thing was that I did not want anything that has bad ingredients, or all sorts of fillers. I'm not one for pre-packaged meat, so buying the meat and cooking it is quite a stretch for me.  So if I'm going to buy some really good meatballs I want some really good sauce to go with them. A great sauce is one that is really simple and not over packed with all sorts of things that do not need to be in

A great sauce is one that is really simple and not over packed with all sorts of things that do not need to be in the jar.

One of my favorite sauce hands down is Organic Bella, but that is for another post on a different day. If you ever get a chance to try that one out you most surely should. The marinara is so delicious!



So as I was strolling the aisle in the store I saw these jars of La Famiglia Delgrosso pasta sauce. The packaging looked really old world just like I like them, and the graphics of the family on the front really caught my eye. The jar was actually quite large too, a little bit bigger than the other ones on the shelf.

So I thought, this seems to be a nice family size of pasta sauce.

I really loved how on the back of the La Famiglia Delgrosso Pasta Sauce it is made with No-GMO'S, Gluten Free, and No Sugar Added!

As you can see the only ingredients are:

  • Italian Plum Tomatoes
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Imported Olive Oil
  • Fresh Onions
  • Basil
  • Sea Salt
  • Garlic
  • Black Pepper
  • Bay and Crushed Pepper




I ended up cooking the meatballs on low to let is simmer for 35-40 minutes to really infuse the Delgrosso sauce into the meatballs. As you can see in the picture below.

meatballs simmering


Then I went on ahead to make the spaghetti noodles and once that was finished cooking,  I just topped the pasta sauce with a couple of meatballs and some Parmesan Reggiano.



la famiglia delgrosso pasta sauce


It was actually quite good, and not that bad at all. With a great old world taste to it! This La Famiglia pasta sauce I will admit is not one of the best of I have tested. However, it is in the top 10 of bottled pasta sauce on the market today. I know it has great pasta sauce reviews on it and I really feel it is well deserved. It isn't salty at all and does not have that pre-packaged taste, but a nice smooth as if it was made right in your own home sort of taste.

Really quite good. 😉


This pasta sauce I will buy again, not so sure about the meatballs even though they are the best pre-packaged meatballs I've ever tasted. They were just a little bit on the salty side. However, I plan to use the leftover meatballs to make meatball subs tomorrow for the kid's lunch on some hoagies with provolone cheese.

Good Stuff!


What about you, have you ever tried the La Famiglia Delgrosso Pasta Sauce?






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So recently I have been eating some really good chobani Greek yogurt products. And I tell you what the benefits of eating chobani Greek yogurt can be really good for you. I use to hate Greek yogurt. I always thought it was to thick and it always got stuck on the roof of my mouth for some reason. I did not want nothing to do with Greek yogurt in any such way. Not even cooking with it. However, I will put it in my hair since it has some great conditioning properties in it when mixed with honey and other fruits like a banana.

But , that's a whole different story to tell.

I like eating my yogurt with granola like Upfront since they make snack size packets for on the go type stuff. I usually add some fruit and that's about it. I tried out a couple of different yogurts and chobani Greek yogurt is the only one that I actually like. Even though its thick its not overly sweet like other yogurts with too much sugar in them. Than when you try to mix them with other food it  just dies out the real yogurt flavor and become loaded with processed sugars which I don't like.

chobani Greek yogurt products



Chobani Greek yogurt products are full of flavor, they use only natural non-gmo ingredients and up to less than 75% less sugar than regular yogurts! The only drawback to me is that its a non-fat yogurt which is sad because I don't mind the fat. I really do believe that healthy fat in yogurt is good for your brain and gut. However at the moment these Greek yogurt products taste the best to me so far.

Some of the benefits of chobani Greek yogurt is that its a naturally occurring fermented food the will help with gut flora and a natural probiotic. It could possibly help with IBS and even diarrhea. Greek yogurt is full of protein can help you full fuller a lot longer which can help you lose weight. It is full of calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.  and can possibly help lower your blood pressure.

Some of chobani flavors include blueberry, peach, strawberry. Do you eat Greek yogurt?

I would love to know.






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Buy Natural Foods Online



Well you guys know, how I did a full in depth review of Thrive Market and how I am able to buy natural food's online. Not just that I am able to buy all sorts of natural beauty products there too!

Well I ended up making a video to show you guys some of items that I bought from thrive market and how you can get food products from there also!

In the first box I did not have a whole ton of food items but a couple. The next shipment will be a lot more. I basically just wanted to show you that you can buy natural food products online that are really natural.

Eating foods that you can get in the best quality will be really beneficial for your health, as a matter a fact read this post I did awhile back. On how food can affect your mood.

Really Interesting stuff.

You can read that post here!





Really Cool! 😉






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OK,  I decided last night that I need to lose a little weight, not a lot. Just a little to get back into some clothes that I am not able to fit anymore. The clothes that I have are nice and I really want to continue wearing them again. So this morning I woke up early and was able to fit in a small dance workout online. Dancing to me is fun, and that is the one thing I continue to stick to when it comes to losing weight and working out.

I ended eating fruit for breakfast this morning with some chicken for my protein. Than after around the mid afternoon I wanted something light and decided to try out Amy's Organic Vegetable soup for a light lunch before dinner later on tonight. Nothing to heavy was what I was going for. Which would not give me a ton of carbs either.

To my surprise this Amy's Organic Chunky Vegetable canned soup was really, quick and easy to make on the stove top! Very tasty I might add. I don't really count calories since I don't believe in them. 😉 But if you do, it has only 60 calories. Not even 4 grams of sugar, 13 carbs. It was a little high on the sodium side, yet it was a quick meal and something I will not eat every single day.

However, it a good option to a quick soup that come out the pantry when you want good ingredients that are all organic and you don't have to slave over the stove. In just about 5 min It was ready to eat. Boom, done!

There are no trans fat, MSG, OR Preservatives, No GMO'S and its Gluten Free! Which is plus around here. I ended up buying more of these for my son, who likes to eat soup in a pinch.






Some of the ingredients are:


  • Filtered Water
  • Organic Tomatoes
  • Organic Spinach
  • Organic Corn
  • Organic Carrots
  • Organic Peas
  • Organic Onions
  • Organic Celery
  • Organic sea salt
  • Organic Black pepper


Good Stuff! If you want to try out Amy's Organic soup  online HERE. 


Have you ever tried out any of Amy's Organic Food? I would love to know! 😉


P.S.  My Son love their Ravioli!!