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This past weekend hubby and I had a chance to take the kids to the local beach. It was not that far of a drive and not that much of stretch to get there in his condition. We  do have the Global Vacations plan that allows us to stay at certain hotels and resorts throughout the year for free and sometimes for a really low price. I love the program in fact we even get a free 7 days each year to stay anywhere in the country! Which is really cool! We used the plan to stay two weeks ago for about 4 days out on the beach with the kids.

I ended up leaving some clothes there in the washer and dryer and had to drive back out there to pick up my clothes, that is where the Global vacation kicked in and let us stay for  the low, low!

Anyhow, I ended up having the chance to wear my vintage Swimsuit  from modcloth that I recently bought a while back. I'm not one for wearing cute one piece swimsuits because lets face it, after 4 kids I did get a little self conscious and always thinking about my body.  Than putting on a bathing suit was out of the picture unless I am able to feel classy and comfortable all at the same time!

That is why I love Vintage Modcloth swimsuits, I was able to find two retro vintage 50 style swimsuits! One all black and one a sort of blue and plaid color as you see in the picture below.


Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Royal Plaid


Modcloth was simple to order from and if you have any measuring tape at home I highly recommend you measure yourself as they show here in the picture to get your correct measurements. If you do this one step when you do order you can do no wrong and will have no worries about the order not fitting.


They have a large variety of retro vintage swimsuits available in all sorts of sizes from plus to small


modcloth sizing chart


If  you need any extra help when it comes to measuring  here is cool little video to show you how to do it.





They do have a return policy which is great! If something does not fit  you have you are able to return it for only 5.99 shipping fee. If you want to exchange it something you are able to for free and get a 5.00 Credit towards your next purchase along with free shipping!


I love modcloth everything, but especially their swimsuits for a girl like me, who likes to keep it simple classy Chic!


In fact or a limited time Modcloth is offering up to 30% off all swimsuits with for a limited time!


Do you like vintage style swimsuits when you go the beach, or do you even wear cute one-piece swimsuits for women at all?


I would love to know.







Baddi Womens High Waisted Bikini Teen Swimsuits (Large, Red)Baddi Womens High Waisted Bikini Teen Swimsuits (Large, Red)AshopZ Women's Sexy 2 Pcs High Waist Retro Bikini Swimsuit Set,Blue+Orange Dot,LAshopZ Women's Sexy 2 Pcs High Waist Retro Bikini Swimsuit Set,Blue+Orange Dot,LCocoship Turquoise & Orange Tangerine Fruit Vintage High Waisted Bikini Ruched Swimsuits Two Piece Swimwear XXXL(FBA)Cocoship Turquoise & Orange Tangerine Fruit Vintage High Waisted Bikini Ruched Swimsuits Two Piece Swimwear XXXL(FBA)Spring fever Vintage Retro Bathing Suits for Women African Print One Piece Monokini Swimwear J Black Phoenix 3XL (US:12-14)Spring fever Vintage Retro Bathing Suits for Women African Print One Piece Monokini Swimwear J Black Phoenix 3XL (US:12-14)Ixia Wild Cherry Fold Over Dress-Aqua-SmallIxia Wild Cherry Fold Over Dress-Aqua-Small


P.S.  All Items were bought with my own money and  I am an affiliate of  Modcloth, so if you do purchase through my link.  I will receive a small percentage which goes to support the blog. Thank you!


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About a year ago as I was doing my normal stroll through a local green event, I came across a booth that really caught my eye and intrigued me so much I had to stop and see what it was all about. I love to shop, and I don't get a chance to do it as much as I would like.  However, when I do. I love little boutiques and independent designers doing their thing!

Shopping independent gives you the ability to have unique and all around catchy clothing that gives someone something to look at. So when I approached the booth I was shocked to see beautiful clothes of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and prints.  Than came the person a bubbly, humble, beautiful soul Tammy Jo! Who answered all my questions, and my husbands also, and made me feel like a star as I fiddled through her clothes.

I could not help but to buy one thing,  I think I got about four things that day, two dresses and and I think two tops!


When Tammy Jo, explained to me that her clothes were sustainable, I was thrilled! I'll have to admit, it can be hard to find designer cothes that are sustainable, affordable and Done Right!

Tammy Jo is where it is at, and if you love prints, if you love comfort, yeah her clothes are comfortable! Many of the dresses stretch and if she does not have your size send her and email and she can work out the measurements for you.

Yeah that's real!

Tammy is the sort of person who even met me on a busy afternoon, around my time frame to help me out with a dress I wanted to buy. Yes Tammy Jo Fashion is all about customer service, and I am glad to say her company  is just making its mark but its going places.  Yes, Tammy jo is is a force to be reckoned with, in  which she is now expanding her sports line, and yes it has staying Power!

So, I decided to catch up with my  Girl and ask her a couple of questions to let you in on it:


Tell Me What Is Tammy Jo Fashions?

Tammy Jo is a collection of Woman's wear clothing (and some men's) made from sustainable materials. Everything you see in the Tammy Jo collection is made from re-purposed fabrics and or vintage materials. Everything is designed to not look like or resemble “used” clothing, marrying fashion design with sustainable creativity. “It's sustainable done right”. Nothing is mass manufactured or assembled by more than 2 human hands.


When did your love for fashion come about?


As soon as I saw another woman wearing a dress , I was very young.


How long has the actual TammyJo fashions been around?


For a little over 3 years



Where is Tammy Jo Fashions Located currently?


Winter Park FL



Who or what would you say are your fashion inspirations?


Vintage Prints, patterns and Colors


What would you consider is your niche market, and why?


Right now it's the World Wide Web … its endless selling online … for now. … but my goal is for a brick n mortar building … nothing beats human interaction and I truly love being able to see these wonderful women and young ladies try on my dresses and feel good in them.


Who Can wear Tammy jO?


Everyone and anyone. I've sold my designs to 13 year olds and to 60 year olds.


Tell me what would you consider as your signature trademark look?


It has to be my camisole tank “FLO” … she was my first “Eureka” moment and she is so versatile … she can be worn as casual as you like or as dressy as you like … from just letting her flow or combining with a blazer or belted.



What are your hopes and aspirations for TammyJo Fashions?


The very big picture is having a large warehouse with rows of sewing machines, cutting and sorting tables, design room, ect. We'd love to create a stable “sustainable” company that can provide well paying jobs in USA and bring back an era of quality “made in the USA” goods.



So far what has been the biggest moment for your company so far?


It has to be the feature on Brink Magazine


Where can anyone looking to purchase your designs go?


One last thing, why would you consider yourself a natural chick?


I'm as natural as they come … Pennsylvania Dutch fed booty.

I work hard to take care of myself and eat right. I'm always in tune with my body and life in things around me.


Wanna Know More Tammy Check her out at TammyJo or visit her Facebook Page!








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If you have not already heard, the most talked about event in natural beauty, fashion and hair is here. It is a twice a year event which happens in the spring and fall. Bringing together new designers, natural hair care artists and natural living and hair bloggers.

This event is not one to be missed and even I am trying my hardest not to miss this spectacular show!

Happening on Feb 18 -20th.

Fro Fashion Week gives you the option to choose between a $125.00 all access pass to all the workshops all three days, which includes guaranteed seating, access to the fashion show, a pajama spa party, the beauty and bloggers lounge. Also a sway bag which you will receive and much, much more.

The second option is the $75.00 one day pass to have access to the workshops, the runway shopping area,  the beauty and bloggers lounge. Along you will be given a  sway bag with the option to attend the  fronista mingle party great for networking and business ventures.


Some of the events include:

  • bloggers panel and discussion featuring ,, and
  • Naturally me media media preview
  • How to create your own natural products at home with Ashely Robertson
  • Why you should go Natural Facts Vs the myths
  • Fashion and natural hair show
  • And Much, Much More!

To get the full scoop on what the whole three day event will feature click here.

Anyhow I hope to see you there, I am hoping to make my plans as soon as possible!

To find out more about Fro Fashion Week Click Here.

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Get a dose of these funky looking handbags by through Nimli, they offer a lot of spunk, appeal and sophistication to any occasion. I thought I would share these here because I could not pass up how cool some of these handbags were made to look vintage. I really dig vintage handbags and having them Eco friendly, is a plus!

Nimli offers a great variety of unique looking handbags and green hobo totes for just anybody. I love down to earth looks that give me a laid back sophistication, and adds just a touch of deliciousness to any style.

Check out some of the green handbags below and let me know what you think, not to mention how affordable they are.

Urthbags : Super unique shoulder handbag made from recycled magazines.

The Outfit Recycling  Tote: Trendy organic cotton canvas tote.

Mar Y Sol Guadeloupe Raffia Flower Tote : Features a bold flower and beautiful carved wood handles.

Urthbags Alexis: This unique eco-chic coin purse is made from recycled juice boxes

These  unique vintage looking handbags are sure to be a great addition to any wardrobe!

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I wanted to share with you guys some really cool Eco fashion that is really changing the way that company's and people are thinking about how to shop and when to shop. Bright young things is a new company created by Eliza Starbucks. In a hope to change the way that we as a society shop for our clothing and how we dress.

We live in a world where there is so much stuff, so much everything and with so much recession going on at the moment.  Many are without jobs and looking for different ways to stay fresh and reuse things that they already have. Eliza Starbucks comes in and fills that need by letting us know that we can still look fly by using thing we already have, by shopping at thrift stores and resale shops instead of letting things go to waste. With just a little bit of creativity and some fore thought on sustainability we would be able to conserve not only our things but help the environment at the same time.

Green Fashion is becoming more mainstream with many people wanting a way to save our planet,  fashion is one of the first things that we need to think about. Because we have to have clothes to wear and we all want to look nice. But not everyone can afford high fashion or even afford to shop  all time. That is where Eliza comes in .

She states that Sustainable fashion uses what already exists: Recycled clothing from secondhand stores, vintage collections, or nabbed gems from your mother’s closet. This kind of DIY-treasure hunting isn’t exactly helping to boost our economy, but it is birthing a new fashion scene. ~ youngbrightthings

Eliza Starbucks Is truly one of those ones that is changing things when it comes to fashion by making items out of sustainable fabric, but by re-using what we already have and re-creating it into something new and helping us re-find hidden gems in our own local neighborhood!

Truly helping us re-think how we shop!

Check out this video of one of her fashion Shows at the Recent Nolca Fashion Show! Nolca is a company that presents fashion shows from independent designers, green fashion and those around the world.

Here is another video showing a couple more new collections at Nolcha Fashion Week.

Featuring Vella Mode! – Awesome Custom jewelry that is very Sustainable.

Adha Zelma Jewelry – Featuring A new way to Do Fashion!

photo courtesy adhazelma

Truly these are some awesome hidden Gems!

P.S. What do you think of Eco Fashion and the whole idea of it all, I would love to hear your thoughts.