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Josephine Baker was one person that I have always been intrigued by since I was little girl, I can remember watching the documentary of her life on television for the first time. It was something magical that has stayed in my memory ever since.

Then every year after that, I would wait for black history month to come around so that I could watch all my favorites like roots, queen and especially the Josephine baker story.

It was always one of those things that left an imprint on my heart, because it touched me to the very core. In a way I felt as If I knew her and that If I ever had the chance to meet her we would be kindred spirits.

One thing about me that you don't know but know now is that I love to dance, in fact I always had dreams of being a professional dancer for as long as I could remember, I dreamed of going to Paris to dance. In fact I still have upcoming plans to go there not to dance, but in the future maybe even have myself a small home away from home .

Josephine grew up with a mom who came from a different time period than she did and out of the honesty of her heart she did want her daughter making a fool of her self. Rightly so in that time period. However Josephine had a calling and a burning desire to live her dreams and make a difference in people lives that she touched.

With her growing fame she was able, to break down barriers that was not afforded to African American people at the time. While at the same time break down mental barriers as to whatbeauty is and that it is not just one color. But is all colors and can be experienced in by all people because we all breathe air, we all have feelings and all bleed the same blood.

Josephine Baker was a leader, who although could not have kids of her own because of a terrible accident that left her barren. Was able to open her heart and adopt  many kids of all nationalities and prove that love exists and can exist across the sight of color.

She opened her heart and home, and lived a life that few would be able to live. Josephine lived it with joy and never allowed anything to steal her of her happiness.

So I say to you, never let anything rob you of your  happiness, always live a life that is dedicated to serving others and giving a helping hand. While at the same time holding on to your values and doing what is right.

I wrote this post because, I admire Josephine and we can all learn a couple things from her.

Live in the moment and appreciate the past never forgetting where you came from.

Let go of judgments of people and learn to think outside the box.

Stop dreaming your dream and finally live your dream.

Take some time to watch the Documentary of Josephine Bakerif you have not already seen it and if you already have. I would love to know what you think about the movie.

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Black history month is a time to be remembered and shared, it brings about great joy and even some new found feelings of pain for had happened during that time period. However, it also brings an excellent time to learn about new found facts and interesting details about the black history and your own families at that.

I can remember being a little girl and you know what still do this day my grandmother is almost 97 years old. And she still relates stories about her childhood her mom's life and how her grandmother was a slave. To be able to hear those stories is something that I have always and will forever keep with me. Since that is what the people did back then to preserve history, they told stories since they were not allowed to record any data about their life such as birth and things.

To be able to hear those stories she told had me laughing, some had me asking why and others even sometimes made me want to cry.  But my grandmother has had a long life and she has seen her mom's reactions to things, she grew up in the Jim crow south and lived most of her life through segregation.


So that is why when I came across this video I wanted to share it here, since it is abouta  special book that was found. In fact is the very first validated book dating back to the civil war of negro spirituals, or slave songs at that time.

Many slaves at that time would sing songs to give them some sort of escape from what was happening at the time. They would also sing songs to be used as code perhaps if they were trying to escape, and many songs were used as a way to preserve history as my grandmother would tell stories about her family history.

However, these songs represent a slave nation as a whole. Unleashing the pain and suffering that went on along with the continued hope they had to pursue forward-looking above.

“Knowing that one day a change gone come, would come…

I write and share this video in honor of black history month and for all those continue to share their stories…………………..


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If you have not heard of Valarie June  than you  in a for treat. Being into old country music, and folk soul. Valarie June is one down to earth chick that is rocking the music scene and changing the game for sure.

Valerie June goal at point is to bring back into awareness the grassroots movement of traditional folk music. As she calls it the organic moonshine roots movement. I fell in love with the title of the movement as I can
remember fondly being a little girl listening to old country music songs and pure at heart folk ones at that.



However don't let her looks deceive you or even have you thinking huh? She sings that:)

That is what I thought the first time I heard her sing. I'm into country music but to hear a black woman singing country, folk moonshine music at that! Really intrigued me to learn more about her.

Valerie June with the voice of an angel that is smooth as silk, is for surely a star in her own right. As a self taught guitar player and oldest child of five children. Decided to pursue her music passion at the age of 19, she comes from a strict Christian family and pretty much raised her siblings so she is not stranger to hard work and discipline.

Check out Valerie and I when she came to my town and did a wonderful Job!

valerie june album

She has worked with the john forte who co-wrote the fugues album, and she even wrote the popular song No draws blues.  Valerie June is a mixture of Bob Marley, Sinead O'Connor and Dolly parton all in one.

Surely a gem that needs more recognition!

Well I posted a couple of songs of Valerie's in my play list below for you to listen to.