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I just came back from visiting my Brother Greg who lives in Chocolate City D.C.. We had a great time, I had the chance to hang out with family and friends who I have not seen in long time. Childhood friends are always great to hang around because you get to reminisce about how it was growing up together. Along with laughing about all the weird crazy things you did as a child.

These past couple of weeks have been really busy for myself and my husband with traveling and all. Soon as we got back he went to Las Vegas for a wedding, I decided not to go because two of my kids are now sick with some sort of bug. That is one thing I do not like to do, is leave my kids when they are sick. I rather be with them than leave them in time of need.

Oh well there will be another time for Vegas!

Anyhow I wanted to post a couple pics to show my family and I in D.C. So if you have been wondering where I've been. I have been hanging out with family and enjoying their company.




Little Sis and I!

Enjoying the Town!  Look how much my Hair as Grown!

Little Sis in the Basement at Brothers!

Lincoln Memorial!

Hanging out with brother and childhood friend. My Brother is standing up.

Nothing Like some Soul Food! With Hubby.
P.S. So what has been going on in your world? I would love to know.

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I recently had the chance this weekend, to attend the Orlando's very own Natural Hair and beauty Workshop. Located in sunny Orlando, Florida located close to Disney. This event was one surely I was not going to miss, being that I live quite close to this event

I did not want to miss one!

Natural Hair is becoming quite the niche and one that is quickly taking notice by the mainstream, although still quite small in numbers it is one movement that is really big in thought  with a ton of heart.

The whole weekend was full of workshops , shows and vendors showcasing their products. It was truly was great display of beauty, knowledge and unity among the naturalistas. Making it all the more memorable.

I had the chance to meet and hang out with Awesome Yirissi of the naturaliste, adorable Moon of and the fabulous Alicia James. An Incredible singer and songwriter with amazing vocals.

I also had the chance to meet and discuss all natural Makeup with Kim Roxie one of the co-founders of the all Natural Beauty Company Lamik. Kim is one smart chick, with an eye for beauty. She gave me a kick butt eye defining session showing me a couple of pointers on how to make my brown eyes pop!

Stay Tuned for the next  post with a in depth review of the company Lamik.

Truly a Gem!

The Natural Hair and beauty workshop in Orlando was wonderful and I am glad I got the chance to go. If you had the chance to go I would love to know what you thought about the event if you had the chance to attend.

Great Event!

Check Out my Video Below on some the cool Items I picked up!

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So what really is the true standard of beauty and who are the ones that make the set of rules. When I saw this video it sort of reminded me of my modeling days. I modeled  for a short time to quickly realize how grueling the industry could be towards those of another race. We all see the commercials that have the token black girls, the shows with an all white cast and one black person, or the kiddie shows oh, wait there are hardly any black children cartoons.

I love how the one woman said there is a hidden racism in the fashion industry, with all the scouters looking for a twiggy “Barbie Girl Look a like” showing that it is only way to sell their products.

I truly do believe that the industry are not full of a whole bunch of racist people that insist on not hiring black fashion models women and men but that they feel stuck to a old school thinking that only light fair skin is what sells.

Hey, I'm no racist  fact all my kids are bi-racial, however I love fashion and to be able to see a documentary that shows the industry in its true light surely had my thoughts ticking again………

So what do you think about the whole issue?

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Anitra Jay is someone that I recently learned about and glad that I have had the chance to listen to some of her music. An acoustic neo-soul singer/songwriter from  Charlotte, NC, who loves to write music,  and just recently began playing the guitar about six years ago. Is surely someone who is a force to be reckon with.  Anitra Jay has a smooth natural look not only to her hair but also to her voice.

Truly a charm,

The Natural Hair song is one that you can play in your car while your driving, rock it out in the house while your cleaning. Hey even better I recommend that you play it on those days that you are feeling down or having a hard time with your natural hair.  This song embodies what it means to be natural and loving your beautiful hair for what it is,  and the funny thing about it is that when you start to see your beautiful hair and realize how  great it is.  It is really and mentally life changing for your whole soul.

The Natural Hair song by Anitra Jay fully captures the essence of that in her song, which is beautifully made from the beginning down to the end.

Lovely song.

I wold love to know how you feel about song.

If you want to know more about Anitra Jay and music visit

The Natural Hair Song by Anitra Jay

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Sitting here, I was thinking about the American idol competition and how good this season is, I have never been a big fan of American idol any season for that matter. But I have from time to time watched a couple of episodes to see what was going on. This season was different to me for some reason with the new judging cast of Jenifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

This new cast seems to gel better for me, I think in the past I never liked watching or hearing Simon Cowell judge the kids and call them nasty remarks. I believe that all though he had some truth to the things he said, there is always a better way to say things without leaving them with their heart all torn out to pieces.

Jenifer Lopez seems to have brought some new oomph to the judging table; she brings the charisma and sparks something that was sorely lacking from the judges table. Steven Tyler gives the edge and style that some people might fail to appreciate, however he has always been a great artist in my book. Randy is still the same however I do see him trying to bring a little more negativity to the game, in my opinion more for ratings than anything else.

The main reason for writing this is really to address the issue of Haley reinhart the one true reason why I watched the show or even tuned in. The first time I heard this girl sing I have been captivated by her, I am not one to watch a lot of music videos are by music cds and things.

Not that I don’t want to but mainly because now-a-days many artists don’t sound as good or even pique my interest.

I’m more an old school girl; I love rock and roll, classic rock. Jazz, alternative, classical, rap, hip hop. You name it I can find you an artist that I like.

That is why when American idol, voted off Haley reinhart I was so shocked. This girl truly deserved to win, she has something different and presence as Beyoncé said and a style that is truly different more old school, a little new school. But something different with a lot of soul, mainly this girl knows how to rock and if you have been watching the show she reminds me a little bit of Teena Marie, (but that is just my opinion).

Anyhow I was said when she got voted off American Idol, and I can truly say I will be buying her CD when it is released.

Haley Reinhart you have yourself a true fan.