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You know what I have a confession to make, I like to eat ice cream when it cold outside. There is nothing like dipping that spoon into a huge scoop of handmade ice cream on a nice winter day. I don't know why I do this or even when I started liking ice cream during the winter. The only thing I can say is that it's darn good and that I'm an Ice-cream fanatic, especially on a cold, cold day.

I remember during one of my pregnancy with my second son Austin all I wanted was Ice cream constantly day and night. My poor husband would go to the store for me like clockwork just to get me a pint of ice cream every single night. It got so frequent that when he would come home from work he would bring a pint of ice cream with him.



The strange thing is that all I wanted was strawberry cheesecake, all the time. Now I can't even look at that kind of ice cream or really even want to eat it. I'm more of a chocolate girl with lots of nuts mixed inside of it. I'm more of a cookie dough or Rocky road sort of girl, so when I took my boys out to Lake Eola with my husband on a cold day here in central, FL.

Which is quite rare you know for us Floridians. 

I couldn't wait to get to take them to one of my favorite spots for handmade ice cream here in Orlando! Kelly's handmade ice cream is so good and my kids loved it too. At first, they were a little hesitant, and all they were telling me is “Who eats ice cream in the cold”? but I would let them know “I, do”.



As you can see, by the enjoyment in their faces that they loved Kelly's Handmade Ice- cream. However, I think they just liked the Ice cream because it was so good.

Not because it was cold outside…




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This past weekend Hubby and I had a chance to get out and have some fun with some old friends. We ended up going to House of Blues Orlando to see one my husband's favorite male groups from the early 90's called Jodeci. It was so much fun being able to see Kc and Jojo and the other members of the group just have fun and sing their butts off.

For a minute there I thought they were not going sing live since they have had their share of issues in the past, but to my surprise they sounded great and even have new music out. It was so much fun, just to be able to hang out and let loose without having no kids around. Ryan's mom came to watch the kid's while we went out for dinner at Carraba's and then to the House of blues Orlando. They do have food there, but all though I do love bar food. I really did not feel like eating bar food this night.

They do have food there, but all though I do love bar food. I really did not feel like eating bar food this night.

At Carrabba's my hubby and I both had the Filet Steak with Blue cheese crumbles and Fettuccine for the Pasta, it was so good! In fact, if you ever wanted to find deals on places to eat in your area then check out they have awesome deals, coupons you can download to reduce the cost of the meal.

I just thought I would throw that out there.


House Of Blues Orlando


All in all we had so much and was still not out too late since the show started at 8:30 we still had time to make it home and still get a good night sleep…..


I like to sleep….zzzzzzzz


What Venues do you like to go out too when you really want to have some fun?


Forever My LadyForever My LadyThe Best Of Jodeci 20th Century Masters The Millennium CollectionThe Best Of Jodeci 20th Century Masters The Millennium CollectionThe Past, The Present, The FutureThe Past, The Present, The FutureAll My Life: Their Greatest HitsAll My Life: Their Greatest Hits


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I had the chance to visit Infused Tea in College Park, a hip cool little subdivision in Orlando, Fl, which is where I grew up. In fact I went to school during my highschool years pretty close to here. Well this spot has totally been doing a lot of revamping lately and a ton of cute little eco-friendly, vegan, organic foodie spots have been opening up around here. This side of town is so cool for its 1950's sort of vibe while it continues to make it modern but still hold on to the traditional essence of College Park.


Well,  I decided to try out their Greek Feta Pizza and Infused Pineapple Green Tea it was so delicious. I'm pretty bia's when it comes to little spots that serve tea and vegan food. I'm a foodie! I'll eat just about anything that is made with the right ingredients and will not hurt my figure.  😉


My husband was the one that put me op on the place, I mentioned it to him a while back but never had the chance to stop by their, even though its right next to the car lot that we own.  Go figure, right.


Look at how good this pizza looks with it roma tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and green salad with balsamic dressing, perfect right on top with the greek feta pizza.


Hmmm…..Good Stuff!




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Anitra_Jay_Crown_and_Glory_new 1Tell me who is Anitra Jay?

I'm first and foremost a follower of Christ. I share the love of Jesus through music. I'm a pescetarian who loves her some green smoothies. 🙂 I'm natural and loving the freedom of being natural.


When did you first realize that you had a knack for singing and playing instruments?

My Mom put me in our church choir when I was very young. That's where I learned the basics of singing and songwriting. I bought my first guitar in 2005, and it was then that I realized I might have fun entertaining others. I remember bringing my guitar into the office where I worked and playing a song for my boss. The next day he came to work with an amp, a microphone, and a mic stand. It was his way of telling me to go for it. That was the first time someone other than a family member demonstrated belief in me. I think that moment was the catalyst for bringing on who I am today and who I will be in the future.


How was it growing up in New Orleans with such a blend of musical history and how did it contribute to who you are?

Growing up in New Orleans, music was a part of everything. They paraded in the streets with a second line band even for funerals. It was and still is the culture there to include music in every aspect of life. As a child I was saturated in it. Jazz, Blues, and Gospel were the big three growing up and they are the roots of my music to this day.


What do you consider as your own individual sound?

I call it Organically, head-bopping acoustic soul. It's the kind of music that gets into your soul and doesn't leave. It makes your head bop to the beat without you even realizing it. It's a blend of blues-y pop with a hint of poetry.



Anitra Jay Guitar



With the release of your next album which focuses more on the Natural beauty of African American Women and their Hair. What made you want to release an album centered around this topic?

The idea for Crown & Glory came out of my own journey with natural hair. I've been natural for going on 4 years now and it has changed my overall approach to life in areas of self-esteem, confidence, self-image, making healthy choices physically and emotionally, and even style/fashion. After speaking with other women who are on similar journeys they have all experienced these same things. Naturally as a singer-songwriter I found myself writing songs about it. And that's how the album Crown & Glory came about. I'm really excited, because this has never been done before and I hope it will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for others on the natural hair journey and those considering it. The album comes out in May of 2014.


If you could say one thing to someone who is struggling with making the decision to go natural and has not taken the plunge. What would you say?

Natural hair is not permanent! Just give it a shot. Commit to a year and see what happens. There are so many benefits to being natural, the most beneficial part of it all is not subjecting yourself to harmful products. Secondly, it might help you get to know yourself even more and teach you how to unleash your best beauty.


Where else could we find you online?

You can find me on my website: or on Facebook, Write something on my wall, I promise I will write back! 🙂 I'm also on Twitter,


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valerie-juneWell you guys, remember a while back I mentioned in a post about one of my artists that I listen too (Valerie June). Well I am so stoked because over the past year she has been getting more recognition as  the incredible artists that she is.  Valerie June is someone I have been following now for years now, and even on her new album their are still some  songs on there that  were written by her from years ago.  I'm loving the fact that my girl is finally now getting some real national name recognition.

Valerie June is from Memphis, Tennessee  and grew up in the Appalachian mountains listening to a great variety of music, she always had a passion for music and decided to really pursue it once she got older, she even taught herself to play more than one string instrument. To help with her music career.  Valerie decided to call her music Organic Moonshine Roots Music because she loves to give fun and meaningful names to her music.  It is a  blend of country, Soul, Folksy, rock music.

I love Valerie's music, because that is exactly the type of music that I'm  into.

In fact some of my favorite songs from her are:

Pushing against a stone

Workin(working) Woman's Blue's

Raindance  and Somebody to love!

Lately, Valerie has been mentioned everywhere from David Letterman, to the  CBS morning show,  and beyond. In fact I am so exited because she will be coming to my hometown in February of next year and I can't wait to meet her! I use the Bands in town app, to let me know when certain groups are in town so that I can arrange for a date night with the hubby!

I love Valerie Junes Twined and Twisted music! She is for sure some one you ought-a  know!


What sort of music do you like or listen too!  I would love to know. 😉