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dry skin

If you have dry skin, you know that it’s not just annoying but it can even be unsightly and incredibly painful. Especially in the winter time when everything from your hair, lips and skin seem to dry out the most. Your probably like me and have tried just about every dry skin product out there with out that much success. I know for a fact that most of the products I used in the past either made my skin even drier or just oily with out even solving the problem I had in the first place.

I have had dry skin problems my whole life, in fact from the time I was born I was having issues with extremely dry skin. My mother was told even by the doctor that I was not even able to bathe with regular soaps and things . I had to have a prescribed creamy lotion to cleanse my body with because anything else would just plain out agitate my body even more.

Some my earliest memories are of myself rubbing my back against the wall from it becoming inflamed at night as I slept. I would break out from time to time from different products trying to see which ones would be the best fit for me as the years went on. And from a young age, I realized that going natural was the best way to avoid all the issues that came with a lot name brand over the counter lotions and dry skin products, which claimed to moisturize my skin. But instead would just sit on top like a thick oily greasy mass.

Oh how I hated that!

So as the years have gone by, I come to realize that my skin likes simple things,not to many ingredients and more of a creamy butter base. I learned the best way to keep my skin dry and looking its best was following a couple of steps.

Those Steps Include:

  • Avoid long hot baths, steamy hot showers and baths which can really dry the skin out making the issue worst.
  • Avoid using regular soaps all together instead use all natural, plant based soaps made of Shea butters and oils.To keep the skin smooth and silky. Oil based soaps will not strip the skin as much of its natural oils.
  • When you get out of the shower while your body is still damp apply your favorite oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Then follow by your favorite dry skin lotion.
  • Drink plenty of water. This one is totally simple, but often overlooked. Your skin needs water to stay soft and smooth. While putting water on your skin will dry it out, putting it in your body is essential for keeping it hydrated. Plus, drinking enough water will make you feel better too!


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I have also found some really cool at home dry skin products that I truly love, when I don’t have time to make my own or run out. My all time favorite best moisturizer cream would be deep steeps products. I currently have there Organic Body Butter ( there dry skin antidote) in lavender and chamomile scent. And I love this stuff I have been using it almost two years now and some of their products are some of the best I have ever tried. Their products are made of organic and natural ingredient and they keep it simple!

They are not over powering with heavy fragrances and the ones they do have are just enough, and forget about oily that is is not even the case. It totally helps soothe my dry skin making it feel better to the touch.

Some of the ingredients listed in the body butters include :

Organic Aloe, lavender extract, chamomile extract, vegan glycerin, sunflower seed oil, coconut fatty acids, wildcraft essential oil, Shea butter, vitamin e, avocado butter, mango butters and cocoa seed butter just to name a few.

Remember that natural remedies are about fixing the cause as well as treating the problem. It’s best to protect your skin from damage rather than treat it afterward. Be sure to protect your skin from dry, cold winter conditions by using scarves, gloves, and avoid long exposures to severe cold when possible.

If nothing seems to be working for your dry skin, it may not caused by something you can tackle on your own. There may be an underlying condition or nutrition deficiency that is causing your problem. If these treatments don’t seem to help, try visiting your doctor or natural health practitioner.


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P.S. Want to know more about Natural Skin Care than read my post here on My Top Tips For Natural Skin Care.

So what do you think, have you had dry skin issues  in the past?

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If you had not had the chance yet to see the short documentary of Shadeism , than you are in for something good. Through the eyes and words of 5 young women and 1 little girl shadeism discusses the underlying shade issues that plague young women and society in a whole across the whole world.  I was shocked even to myself to find that it affected as many countries as much as it has, just the same as the United States.

Shadesim is one true eye opening documentary to the effects that colonialism has had on the world, and the fact that if you are not of a lighter complexion than that can somehow hinder you, and have you not liking your self as much.

I am of a dark complexion, and my whole family is of very much lighter skin tone except for my older brother and I. And I have been hearing my whole life, that I was the darkest one and it affected me to a certain extent, but not as much because at the same time I was told that I was beautiful and the blacker the beerier the sweeter the juice.

However, than at the same times I would hear things from a grandmother that grew up,  in the times of segregation and from her point of view, the darker you were mainly of men she somehow thought less of them.

So as you can see I am had a unbalanced way of hearing things from a child on.  But that did not stop me from loving myself or not really truly appreciating who I am and was than.

Shadeism is something, that all should hear because it affects all and not just women, but men as well that are of darker complexions.  I am so thankful now that the country is starting to see that black is beautiful  and always has been. Here in the U.S.  and also across the world.

I love the fact that the movie shows and says that we should choose not to blend in to the norm, but set our own normality by starting the discussion and asking questions. So that we can see that everyone has either had some experience with it, or has seen it happen some where or another.

Shadeism is the sort of stuff that I love, and love to share because it shows the  negative in a situation and addresses the positive that we are beautiful and lovely at that.

The moment that you see that and really see and truly see it, than you are set free from the ignorance that has been entrenched in the minds of many, subconsciously. You are able than to truly love your self  and know that you are loved.

P.S. What are your thoughts ~ How do you feel abut the issue of Shadesim ? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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I am always trying to figure out new ways to bring out my inner calm by using different pampering techniques to soothe my soul. Like using at home holistic pedicures, body scrubs, lighting candles and such. With many of ushoneypedicure living in time where there can be a lot of stress, much of that stress if we allow it can take over out body and show outward even if we have not done much physical tedious work.

Did you know stress can actually show up in our feet? Our feet are in need of some major pampering on a regular basis. This natural regime is the perfect remedy for removing some of those toxins, and giving your feet the attention they so much deserve.

Honey is used as an ingredient in each of the following steps. Be sure to look for honey that is locally produced and organic. (If you are vegan, you can leave out the honey or go for some organic agave nectar.) I do not eat agave nectar which is something I will discuss in a later post, but very rarely I will use it as a substitute for some things.


This is an easy fall all natural Detox for your feet and soul!


What you will need is:


2 bags of black tea (look for fair-trade brands in stores)

Teaspoon of honey

Teaspoon of lemon

Bucket of warm/hot water

Soak your feet in the mixture for at least ten minutes. Be sure to use a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Proceed to the next step.

Foot scrub:

½ cup of Hawaiian sea salt (or any sea salt will do)

Teaspoon of honey

Three tablespoons of coconut oil (or any oil)

After combining these ingredients, massage onto your feet, paying extra attention to achy spots. While you’re at it, massage into your hands as well. Rinse off with warm water.

Moisturizing salve:

A tablespoon or two of honey (look at the farmers markets for the best deals)

A teaspoon or two of coconut oil  Or (sweet almond oil  as well)

Stir together the above ingredients in a bowl. Place the bowl in a larger vat of warm water to heat the honey/oil mixture as you Detox and scrub. Slather onto your feet and read a magazine for 10-15 minutes. You can wrap your feet in saran wrap or some old socks for an extra touch heated touch. When your time is up, and you feel it is time to take them off, rinse off thoroughly with warm water with your favorite gentle organic soap. (Castile Soap would do)

Use my mixture of Shea butter mixed with Jojoba oil or Grape seed Oil to top it all off and you’re done!

P.S.  Would Love to hear your comments on the Recipe.