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This past week I whipped up one of my favorite Easy blue dressing Recipe that I love to make. Nothing tastes better than making your own homemade salad dressings. When all those tastes combine and flavors blend and harmonize. It just makes for a great  salad dressing.  In fact it could be one my ultimate blue cheese dressing recipe to date. This one can be eaten with hot wings for dipping or on a salad.


DIY Easy Blue Cheese Dressing

I prefer to make this particular one for my own salads and especially for my hot wings in which I make at home in the oven and than I place on my homemade wing sauce on top.

Right out of the oven. -;)

This particular blue cheese dressing however, is a little on the thicker side but not that much. It is only because I add a ton of blue cheese inside of it.

I like to taste the chunks. You just have to add as much as you want inside of your own.  You can even add some buttermilk or plain milk to it to loosen up the blue cheese dressing.

If you want a creamer one.

I prefer this one for a dipping sauce mainly.

Great with Wings! -;)


Easy Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe:

  • Add about equal parts mayo to sour cream 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream – I Prefer a little less mayo to sour-cream however that's my Personal preference.
  • Fold in the blue cheese crumbles about one container full depending on how chunky you want it.
  • Dash of Salt and pepper
  • Dash Of Garlic Powder
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch of Hot sauce.


All you need to do is mix the sour cream with the mayonnaise, add in the salt and pepper. A dash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Fold in the blue cheese crumbles and place in a mason jar.


homemade blue cheese dressing



blue cheese dressing recipe


Wa' la your good to go. The longer the dressing sits in the fridge the better. I tend to make it a couple of hours before I eat the wings or even better yet you can eat on a ice-berg salad with homemade bacon crumbles.

Like I did here in this post! Click here to see it!

Good Stuff.

Tell me do you ever make any of your salad dressings homemade?




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I love using at home acne remedies to treat my acne. Especially home acne remedies that work overnight really fast.  I have always had some sort of skin issue since I was a child and I really need to stop eating to many sweet things. Since I know that to much sugar can cause my skin to flare up more.

However, that is another story all in itself. 😉

One of the ways that I love to help treat my acne issues is to use about a 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and a one Tablespoon of water with a cotton ball. It's best to use distilled water or  filtered. But whatever you have will do just fine. You will need to make sure you clean your face first and than than dab the cotton ball in the acne solution and dab on your face.

Make sure rub it in pretty thoroughly.

Once you have finished doing that you will need to rinse your face off with some water.You don't want to leave any of the apple cider vinegar smell behind. It's not even that bad but you don't want to keep on smelling it.

Than I like to dry my face and rub coconut oil all over my face at night before I go to bed. The  coconut I leave on my face and I don't rinse it off.

It stays on.





These two are some the fastest acne treatments that I have come across that work fast. It is in my opinion on the best home acne treatments that work fast.

What at home acne treatments do you like to use.

If you even get acne from time to time.

I know I do.  😉





Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 OunceNutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 OunceViva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 OunceViva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 OunceBragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Ounce - 1 PackBragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Ounce – 1 PackSwisspers Organic Triple Size Cotton Balls -- 80 BallsSwisspers Organic Triple Size Cotton Balls — 80 Balls** Distilled Water, 1gal, 6/Carton** Distilled Water, 1gal, 6/Carton


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Today I was out and about  and doing a little shopping with my oldest son Ryan. We decided that after we left the store we would head over to Dsw  and check out their affordable shoe selection they had over there.  Mainly for me since I have never been to a Dsw shoe warehouse before and I really wanted to see what they were all about.

What really peaked my interest is when some local bloggers were on the news talking and showing off all the cute things they got from there. Everything from cute little handbags and cute affordable shoes for women.

I told myself I'm heading over there to see what all the fuss is about. I'm really trying to step my shoe game up 😉 and I really think this place might help me do just that.

With out breaking the bank.

I'm really trying to add some more color to my shoe arsenal also instead of buying black all the time. Black is one of my favorite colors and can go with anything. However, colors really look good on me and by the end of the year. I hope to have a nice variety of stylish shoes that are not only affordable. But are good quality, and comfortable.

Some of the ones I got today was a heck of a steal, I was able to get four pairs of quality shoes for only $170.00. Now in my book, that's a heck of deal.

Coming form someone who can usually spend a little over $100.00 on just one pair of shoes.

So yes, I was impressed.

What do you think, do you think the shoes are cute or not. 😉



I love them!


The pairs I got was a  pair of Roxy Women's Shoes, the flat shoes version. I love flat sneaker type shoes. So comfortable and great for everyday wear not to mention. These shoes are name brand and stylish, I was able to get them for a great low price!


Than I got a pair of of Abella Valeria Round toe Synthetic heel shoe. These shoes are so comfortable and are going to be great for my ministry activities, also for when I plan on wearing a dress out and about.

Next was a pair of Katy and Katie fanya pumps in cream or nude which you can find by clicking here!


Last but not least is these cool and very comfortable women's sandal from madden girl shoes. These shoes are really, really comfortable. I'm so glad I bought these shoes, I love anything practical and comfortable.

All in all Dsw really does have some really cute trendy shoes for women.

I was quite impressed.

Tell me have you ever shopped or bought shoes from Dsw?





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honey egg white mask



Being able to have a healthy clear smooth skin is one thing that every person wants. I have always struggled with skin issues with my skin, today I will doing a Diy Egg white honey mask for acne.

Eggs are full of proteins and they really do help the body in a whole lot of a facets. One way that it helps the face it that it can really keep the elasticity of the skin together. Along with diminishing or reducing fine wrinkles , even helping with the reduction of large pores on the skin.  They contain a high amount of Collagen and Vitamin A that helps with Scar reduction, Acne and Burns.

Which is one thing I have all three of. 🙁


Benefits of using Egg Whites:

  • reduction of pores
  • Helps with acne
  • Rosacea
  • removes oil
  • skin irritations
  • burns
  • acne scars
  • tightens pores

Honey is a natural anti-bacterial that will help with acne also along with soothing the skin and provide much needed moisture to the skin. While at the same time giving your skin a healthy glow.


So really mixing these two together for a perfect DIY will really help with minor skin issues. All you have to do is mix the the honey with the egg white in a bowl. Place on your skin and allow it dry. You will know when its time to rinse or wipe off once you feel your skin starting to tighten.

I like to use a washcloth for an extra bit of exfoliation or you can totally just rinse with your hands it all up to you.

Your skin will feel great!




Remember to also drinks lots of lots of water, which is one I'm getting better with to help with clearing the skin also.

Tell me, have you ever made your own egg white honey mask before?


I would love to know.









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cheap family meals that stretch



Cooking meals for my family is one thing I really like and enjoy doing. Especially when I'm able to cook with really great ingredients. Than the meal is really able to come to life.

I really love to cook when I am able to make cheap family meals that stretch into more than one meal. With the help of some extra items.  I add to the new meals some more items, but its all worth it in those next few days when your able to just save a little from the very beginning.

With the first meal of course. 😉

I ended up buying some antibiotic hormone free steak that was on sale the other day at my local grocery store. I was able to get a nice amount of rib-eye steak for really cheap. Considering this stuff can be double the cost at the regular price.

My hubby and I ended up grilling the steaks on the grill first.  I made my nice steak rub that I love to use on steaks when I'm grilling.  I'll post that  below so that you will be able to use that on your steaks too!

Its a mixture of:

  • Your favorite all purpose seasonings, or meat magic which is one of my new favorite ones.
  • Brown sugar
  • Himalayan salt
  • black pepper
  • chili powder
  • cumin




Next I made some smashed potatoes out of Yukon gold with the skin still on them. I love using skins especially with red potatoes. It makes it really easy and fast to cook while at the same time giving you all that buttery skin goodness. So delicious!! I even made An ice burg salad with my homemade blue cheese dressing and bacon toppings I cooked up earlier as you can see in the picture.


steak fajitas

Since I knew I would have an extra amount of steaks for left overs. I turned those steaks into  steak fajitas the next night. All I did was slice the steak up lengthwise into small pieces than I added some tortillas I had in the fridge with it. I sauteed some onions and peppers and some seasonings. Than  wa, la! you now have some steak fajitas in about 15 minutes for dinner.

My family love fajitas of any sort!

The only thing I added was cheese, some sour cream and I cooked up some onions and peppers to go with it. 


steak fajitas


On the third day I had a good amount of smashed potatoes left over, so I ended up making my quick and easy Shepard's pie!  I call it quick and easy since I only make it when I have left over homemade mashed or smashed potatoes.

So good and filling.

I took the leftover smashed potatoes that I had and cooked up some ground meat in my handy cast iron skillet. I love cooking in a cast iron skillets! So great for one pot meals.


I added some seasonings, you know the basics. Salt, pepper, and some all purpose season salt. Whatever you like pretty much. Than I took some beef broth about 2 cups full mixed with about a 2 -3 spoons of white flour and any soup mix you like. I added in onions and peas and carrots. Once it got a little thicker to the point that I like it.

Than I placed the potatoes on top with a mixture of my favorite cheeses, I used the same Mexican cheese from past two nights with the smashed potatoes when I made them and the steak fajitas.

Cooked in the oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese melts.


shepards pie recipes

There you go, three days of cheap family meals that stretch.

Perfect end to three days of cooking, waste not want not.