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hair story

I had the chance to read Hair Story the History Of Black Hair in America, this past month or so.  And boy let me tell you what a book. If you are really wanting to know why we as black women and men think or have thought about our hair the way that we do then you  need to read this book.  This book is full of information about the history of African American hair starting in Africa, than on to the slave trade and the downhill transgression of  the feelings towards our hair.

It goes deep into the mindset of people with Afro centric hair and why society puts so much undue attention on our hair, and why we as a people feel sometimes like our hair is not good enough to wear in its natural state, and why many people as adults have no  idea what their hair texture is or even how to take care of it properly.  We as a people starting from early on were put in place and stripped of our culture and than that led to the nonacceptance  of our hair  by America, race wars within our race between light an dark skinned, good hair vs so called bad hair and so forth.

The history of black America goes into all that and than some and is certainly one book for anyone that is thinking about going natural should read.   I have not been disappointed.

“An Engaging look at what has become a major status symbol among African-Americans…….an impressive work of cultural history” -Book Page

Here are some of the Topics in the Book:

  • Black Hair In Bondage
  • No Excuse for the Nappy
  • Revolutionary Root – Naturals, Afros, and the Changing Politics Of Natural hair
  • The Business of Black Hair
  • Politically Incorrect – Black Hair New Attitude
  • The Burden of Proof: Explaining Black Hair Culture
  • Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

I highly Recommend this book to all newly naturals as Required Reading for Sure!

To get the Hair Story – History of Black Here Click Here!