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I ran across this video a while back and still down to this day it continues to run through my head, and since I am starting this blog to bring to light, the true beauty that is within each and everyone on of us.  Coming from a  town that I grew up in at the time my neighborhood was mostly white, my friends were all of another race and now my husband and that of my family is mostly mixed race. Although I do not look it, we all have some sort of mixed gene pool in us somewhere down the line.

Which leads to the question do you really know who you are?

After much self discovery and years of being called black white girl, and I have to admit I even struggled sometimes when it came to having relationships with people of the same race as me. At the time I was here this black girl that liked rock music, listened to classical and despised rap, but could pop drop and lock it out of this world.

So who am is the question that I dealt with for years and now my question has been answered. But I feel that even though now in a time where the mainstream is more socially acceptable  and to like rock music is okay (even though you are black). And even with a black president we can see times a changing…..

However, many of our young black youths particularly women still deal with the issue of inferiority to those of another race when it comes down to our hair. Yeah my hair is kinky, yeah it takes longer to do the rest and requires extra attention. But that is only because it is extra special.

I am not saying that to relax  your hair is bad, but to each his own and I did so for years off and on. But whenever my hair was in its natural state, it grew quicker and longer faster. (because I was retaining length.)

But many of us our not embracing our true self's, we keep turning to the creamy crack for a quick fix or the over counter medicine of luxurious length. Hiding behind or masking what we want to achieve and many have achieved that.

This blog is not down our culture but to bring to light the under talked about complex that lies in our hair, the curls and kinks that hinder us doing the one thing we all have thought about or trying to do. Embrace who we truly are kinks, curls, coily and all.

Come with me on my Journey as I go Back to My natural State and achieve lengths I only thought  I could in a dream………………..

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure for more Info.

As you may or not know yet,  I had planned on this month getting into high swing with the body boot camp challenge.  I even made a video on it on all that I planned to do. Well life happened and I ended up having a aunt that passed away a family friend and two cousins with two weeks of each other. So that Sort of slowed things down a bit, and I had to get my thought processes together.

Well I did that,  and now I am ready to head back into this full swing with a fresh start and a new outlook on getting my legs and things a lot toner. Being a mom of four boys in which I was pregnant for three years straight with the last ones, things have changes up a little bit on my body and need some re-adjusting lol……

Anyhow I know a lot about fitness and health and use to be a personal trainer before I had any kids  and was certified in personal training.  I worked in a gym for a short while and still workout the most that I can day to day…..when I can.  I eat a lot of healthy food and tend to shop at whole foods  and very picky about the items that I get from publix.

With that being said with the posts to come I plan on  sharing healthy recipes and workout programs here as I develop then and find them.  Who's says that just because if we have kids we can not stay in shape.

I would love to here your comments below about how you feel when it comes to staying healthy and getting in shape!!!

P.S. If you did not have a chance to see the video I made about getting in shape and working out you can do so here.