Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ashe and welcome to I’m a Natural Chick! I’m a 35-year-old mother of four boys who lives in the Central, Florida area. My husband and I met when we were 13 years old and were married by the time I was 21. At the same age, I had my first son Ryan and not too long after I gave birth to 3 more beautiful little boys. My life since then has been filled with all sorts of fun and no sleep from having four very active little boys around. When I say active I mean active, I don’t have quiet little boys here, they are very much outspoken and energetic. Which is sort of hard sometimes for me since I’m just an introvert at the moment living in an extrovert-dominant household. So yes, I do love my quiet time when I can get it.


I started this blog to showcase my life with my husband and my four boys. Where I share all things on family living, parenting, travel, DIY and more. This blog is all about my journey trying to lead a healthy, natural life for my family and I. Natural Living is something I have always been into since I was a little girl, when I was dealing with all sorts of skin issues that would result in rashes and plague me with constant itching and burning on my skin.

Luckily, I don’t have those same rashes now but I still do deal with other ailments that bother me when I do use certain things that are heavily processed.

This led me to always want to try and use the most natural things as possible. But let’s be real no one can be 100% natural 100% of the time. My site is all about showing you how I live a life that is centered around natural family living while making it easy, and not putting too much stress on myself about it.

Heck, I still use Un-natural stuff. I just try to do the best I can and try to live as a whole as I can from day to day. So don’t get bummed out if you see me use some things on here that might show up as un-natural because I do.

I tend to take each product into consideration by which ingredients they are made of bit by bit.

I’m not a great DIY’er or the craftiest person out there, but I do know how to go with the flow and not take myself to seriously.

As you can see in some of my beauty posts like I have here (insert link) you can see that I love to use hair and beauty products with the least non-natural products as possible. However, I just started my Loc Journey and you can follow along here.

I really like to cook and I try to cook at least 5 days out the week if possible depending on my schedule. Cooking is one thing that comes naturally for me and I love to do quick and easy meals that my boys will love to eat!

Check out my post here on How to Make Shepard’s pie the Easy way

My family is all about being together as much as we can and we love to have fun and Travel! I’ve been happily married now for over 17 years and although I’m a mom to four beautiful boys and we might have one more.

Ryan Sr. Is my loving husband and he is the owner of a local Car shop here in Central Florida. He loves cars, a good whiskey, and great conversation! He is definitely an extrovert which is a great balance to my introverted personality.

Ryan who is 16 is all into techy stuff and loves to experiment with making his products and learning how to style hair. He’s hoping to join a cosmetology school once he is complete with his homeschooling.

Austin is 11 years old and is the typical boy into all things dealing with sports, he loves soccer, BMXing, and basketball. He’s also really into exploring music online and making friends.


Jordan my 10-Year-old is my techy one, this boy is a whiz when it comes to fixing and building things all on his own. He just self-taught himself coding and loves to try to figure things out by making something out of nothing. He is very intuitive and at the same time very patient and kind.


Devin is my Youngest son is 8 years old and, boy does he likes to let his voice be known. He is very outspoken and loves to game and play with Lego’s! He is currently being homeschooled along with his older brother while the other two are in public school.



Oh, and let's not forget our pet dog Domino, he's totally a human being too.





Like I’ve said before we love to travel and many of places we’ve been to include Abacos’s Bahamas, Coco Beach Resort and Hawks Kay Resort in Duck Key, Florida. You can read about many of our travel adventures on my Traveling page here!

Some of my most Popular Posts include:

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