cheap family meals that stretch



Cooking meals for my family is one thing I really like and enjoy doing. Especially when I’m able to cook with really great ingredients. Than the meal is really able to come to life.

I really love to cook when I am able to make cheap family meals that stretch into more than one meal. With the help of some extra items.  I add to the new meals some more items, but its all worth it in those next few days when your able to just save a little from the very beginning.

With the first meal of course. 😉

I ended up buying some antibiotic hormone free steak that was on sale the other day at my local grocery store. I was able to get a nice amount of rib-eye steak for really cheap. Considering this stuff can be double the cost at the regular price.

My hubby and I ended up grilling the steaks on the grill first.  I made my nice steak rub that I love to use on steaks when I’m grilling.  I’ll post that  below so that you will be able to use that on your steaks too!

Its a mixture of:

  • Your favorite all purpose seasonings, or meat magic which is one of my new favorite ones.
  • Brown sugar
  • Himalayan salt
  • black pepper
  • chili powder
  • cumin




Next I made some smashed potatoes out of Yukon gold with the skin still on them. I love using skins especially with red potatoes. It makes it really easy and fast to cook while at the same time giving you all that buttery skin goodness. So delicious!! I even made An ice burg salad with my homemade blue cheese dressing and bacon toppings I cooked up earlier as you can see in the picture.


steak fajitas

Since I knew I would have an extra amount of steaks for left overs. I turned those steaks into  steak fajitas the next night. All I did was slice the steak up lengthwise into small pieces than I added some tortillas I had in the fridge with it. I sauteed some onions and peppers and some seasonings. Than  wa, la! you now have some steak fajitas in about 15 minutes for dinner.

My family love fajitas of any sort!

The only thing I added was cheese, some sour cream and I cooked up some onions and peppers to go with it. 


steak fajitas


On the third day I had a good amount of smashed potatoes left over, so I ended up making my quick and easy Shepard’s pie!  I call it quick and easy since I only make it when I have left over homemade mashed or smashed potatoes.

So good and filling.

I took the leftover smashed potatoes that I had and cooked up some ground meat in my handy cast iron skillet. I love cooking in a cast iron skillets! So great for one pot meals.


I added some seasonings, you know the basics. Salt, pepper, and some all purpose season salt. Whatever you like pretty much. Than I took some beef broth about 2 cups full mixed with about a 2 -3 spoons of white flour and any soup mix you like. I added in onions and peas and carrots. Once it got a little thicker to the point that I like it.

Than I placed the potatoes on top with a mixture of my favorite cheeses, I used the same Mexican cheese from past two nights with the smashed potatoes when I made them and the steak fajitas.

Cooked in the oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese melts.


shepards pie recipes

There you go, three days of cheap family meals that stretch.

Perfect end to three days of cooking, waste not want not.











Raising Positive Children



You know I’m sitting here and I’m watching t.v. and I’m wondering about the state the world is in these days. So many bad things are happening from cops being shot, to kids being shot, to terrorists attacking many cities. To little kids being hurt around the world in terrorists attacks and many people starving from not having no where to live and food to eat.

Just not even having the basic necessitates to get by on the day to day.

So sad right…. ;-(

Many of these thing’s can really put a damper on young ones and really break down their spirit to see all these things going on. I have four young boys and yes they are bi-racial. With all these things happening, I don’t want them growing up feeling like the world is a bad place or that they should be scared to walk down the street, or not trust authority.

That is why I make an effort each day to make sure my kids always have some sort of respect for the law. I try to instill in my kids that there is hope out there beyond what they might see on T.V..  That there is a hope out there well beyond what someone might tell you or what you might hear. This world will not define how my kids view themselves or if they grow up in fear and scared to walk down the road.

I will not let a terror filled world stop them from enjoying themselves, to stop them from traveling, or just loving people in general no matter what shade or color they are.

As, long as I instill the hope of the good news in my kids and let them know they are loved and that there is brighter future ahead of them. That they don’t have to think about all the stuff that is going in the world today or what is shown in the media. As long as I let them know they have a worth and that I love them.

Than they have nothing to worry about,.

Love overcomes all and as long as they have that for people and themselves and a hope for a positive future. Than they don’t have to worry about growing up in a terror filled world.



My family and I took a much needed quick getaway this weekend! Some of our best family beach resorts in Florida is to the The Resort on Coco Beach. Yes, and it was right on time too! with the amount of stress we have been going through.

If you have a large family like mine than you know how hard it is to travel with kids and finding family friendly hotels or family friendly resorts. It is really something you have to research and look into closely.

For one you want to make sure you will be getting enough bang for your buck,  in the amount of time that you are staying. While still having a little bit of spending money on other things. We love coming to the Resort on Coco Beach in Florida. I reiterate Florida since their is also one in south america. 😉

Just to make sure you don’t get confused.

We have been here many times, mainly because how close it is to my home. About an hour depending on traffic. However, with city life comes a whole lot of traffic.  I almost thought we were not going to make it there since  the drive there  was a really bad. We got stuck in traffic with a car accident and we almost ran out of gas on the freeway.

The forecast for the weather this past weekend was all about the for-coming storms all week long. However that did not happen and we spent the whole beach weekend with lots and lots of sunniness.

best beach vacations florida


Nothing was not going to stop our afternoon, we had a loads of fun!!

The one thing I love about going to family friendly beach resorts is that you will always find something for the kids to do and something for yourself. Like being able to have drinks by the pool at their  Tiki Bar.  The guy at the bar was okay with making our drinks, but the pina colada could use a little  improvement.

Well that’s what the kids told me. Lol..

I love the rooms since they are pretty much condo’s being rented out to families to use and stay as long as they want. With access to the beach, the full arcade room, and movie room and they even have live shows throughout the week . Such as a live animal show every Monday night featuring reptiles and other zoo creatures. This resort is really one the closets beach resorts in Florida that we love. Mainly when we want a quick getaway and more so for its laid back coco beach feel. If you want that laid back vibe than coco beach is a great beach for that.

The rooms in the resort are really spacious as you can see in the video below. The Rooms range from about 240.00 a night to 120.00 a night on the off season. But hey for all that you get  with a full gym, animal shows, private beach access no extra room charges and a lovely staff. What more could you ask for if the whole family is happy.


Most rooms are two bedrooms are more, with a full kitchen, stocked with dishes, pots, pans, etc… Full living room, master bath and shower. Kids room with tow twin beds, a second bathroom and Pull out couch. Tv’s are in each room with full cable and Wi-Fi.

In fact you would save a lot more if you got the rooms and didn’t eat out but cooked food in your rooms by shopping at the publix right next to resort.

Really, affordable and really fun, fun.

We love this place, look at my kids hustling to get inside. My little ducks following behind their mamma. 😉


I have a whole bunch of kids! Following their momma. #ilovemykids #quickgetaway #cocobeachflorida

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What are family friendly resorts that your family likes to travel to during the beach season in Florida.




Reading books is one thing that I have always done. In fact finding and sourcing out books Is one thing I really love to do. In fact the library is one spot I always considered fun and an enjoyable place to visit. Just the thought of smelling books old and new really puts warmth in my soul and take me away to a place of total relaxation.

I’m that one person that uses all my Barnes and noble coupons and rewards when they come in. Usually through the mail or online.  🙂

In fact that is why I’m letting you know some of the best books I plan to read before the end of 2016.


top book list


My book Picks I hope to read before the end of 2016!


The elements of style:

I am that girl: Speak Your truth and discover your purpose:

The Forgotten People: Cane River’s Creole People Of Color:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

The Badass Blog Planner:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind:

 Black Roots: A Beginners Guide to Tracing your African-American Ancestry

The War of Art: Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles.










Natural Ways Treat ADHD kidsSo, yes we all know that many kids these days suffer from some form of ADD OR ADHD and its quite well known that many of these kids are stuck in the public school system and many are given many (narcotics) to help them get through the school day. In which for the time being many become zombies or lose a ton of weight from the side effects of just taking the ADHD medications.

It is Neurobehavioral Development Disorder that affects about 3-5% of kids with that number rising each and every year. Many kids diagnosed with Adhd are usually the ones that are inattentive or hyperactive. To the point where it is affecting their learning ability.  (Or so they say).

Many have problems with remembering things and don’t have great control over their impulses. Which can make learning an issue at a young age.

None of my kids, have been diagnosed by a doctor. Per S’e. But I pretty much diagnosed them on my own. Out of my four boys one was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was younger in which he took therapy for it. Now that he is older he has progressed along way and has really come around. However, he has always had issues with Add even though, I switched up his diet when he was younger. Now that he is a teenager, he wants to east more junk. So It forces me to add in some Holistic Adhd supplementation to help him focus just a little.

My youngest son really has an issue with attention, and Hyperactivity no matter how much I take him to the park, keep him active and try to watch his diet. I really do that these issues can be hereditary in some instances since my husband has dealt with it his whole life, and was one of the poster kids for taking Ritalin we he was younger.

No one was perfect, hear and I do the best I can.

So I decided to try out some natural ways to treat adhd in my kids by using supplements that should be healthier and wont cause all those nasty side effects and leave the body in shambles. Of course anything you try, you should always consult with your physician first. .

One products I have been trying the past week is this Solaray Focus For Children  Dietary Supplement for  Adhd.




I have also been using Valerian Super Calm Nerve Support Natural Calm that contains Lemon balm and an herbal blend to help him balance out his nervous system and relax. This product although I don’t give it to him everyday has worked wonders and really helps him focus. However, don’t give too much or the lemon balm which has calming effect can make your child might want to go to sleep. Lol  Great for kids that are a little overly active, and for nights when you need to get some shut eye. -;)

I am also giving them these Nature’s Dynamics Omega 3 Berry gummies which are Non-GMO and also have flax seed in them. The omega -3s are good fats that are known to help with proper brain development.They help with DHA & EPA, Omega 3-6-9 all in it.





I am even giving them Mineral rich which is full of vitamins and mineral’s. I’m hoping this will help to balance out his mineral level and lead to better concentration.




So along with trying to feed my youngest one the healthiest way, I’ll try. Since he in the pickiest stage of his life and the hardest of all my boys to please when it comes to food.  I will also look into maybe getting him diagnosed officially and see it there any other underlying issues.

I am hoping these couple of Natural treatments for Adhd will help two of my boys  to really focus just a little bit more.

Tell me what Homeopathic treatments do you use to help your kids with Adhd?